We build bridges between the digital and the physical

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Here are some examples of what we love to do!

In-store Experiences

We will make sure your customers go home with a smile. They will recieve a firsthand experience with augmented reality, games and gamification. We take the task of joining the experience with your business!

Physical Installations

As a part of the holistic experience, our products are reinforced by offering physical installations, with the purpose of attracting customers while awakening thier curiosity.

AR Marketing

Our experience with augmented reality technology has made it possible for us to provide unique marketing opportunities. We do marketing through experiences instead of commercials.


We have a lot of experience in the realm of gamification and use the key features from gaming and combine them with products and experiences. Gamification is the last piece of the puzzle to maintain your customers while also attracting the new ones.


Arura consists mainly of experienced game developers, with broad knowledge within thier fields of expertise.

Data Collection

We love new technologies and aim to create solutions, that utilize new innovative tools. We are currently working with bluetooth beacon technology to create both great experiences and gather relevant data.


Here is a list of projects:


Experiences a digital pet, you can feed, play and hang out with while shopping.

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Skylantis: Trading cards

Skylantis is a trading card campaign, where the characters will jump out of the cards!

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Skylantis: Treasure hunt

Find the treasure , scan the poster and build your own virtual island.

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Shoppets - The Experience

Meet Fnug at your local store or mall!

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Product Visualization through Augmented Reality

Let your customer preview your product at home, before they buy it!

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Augmented Reality Playground

Let your imagination run free!

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The Living Showroom

Set the stage in your showroom and add an additional layer of immersion.

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Educational Experiences in Nature

The sunlit, green crest, the high leaf on the top, you sing the cheerful song of life, like the birds in the forest
- Hans Christian Andersen

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Promotion through Gamification

Wayfinding for outdoor-events and venues, that will motivate users through gamification and much more.

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Promotion and Acquisition through Augmented Reality

Eye-catcher in public spaces! We make modular interactive Augmented Reality solutions, that will catch the attention of bystanders

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Fast-moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) and Augmented Reality

Fast-moving Consumer Goods(FMCG). Give your brand an extra dimension with Augmented Reality

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Everybody can paint!

Unleash your inner artist

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Our collection of talent

Arura's versatile team with a wide set of skills

Christopher Gade



Dennis Ovesen



Nemanja Ristanic

Sales- & Marketingcoordinator


Kent Andersen

Business Developement


Marc Pilgaard

Project Manager


Martin Durhuus



Natalija Martiuk

Graphics Designer


Jannick Damkvist

Audio Designer


Ulla Gade

Industrial Designer


Alexander Arendttorp



Mads Bang



At Arura we strive to create good and new experiences for all. We specialize in merging experiences into business models.


Arura IVS
CVR: 38636936
Niels Jernes Vej 10
Tlf.: +45 22 90 73 53